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HBM4EU partners introduced the project to a range of audiences at a number of scientific conferences and events focused on sound chemicals management and public health.

Below is a list of these events:

Events in 2023

HBM4EU participation in conferences and workshops

  • 11 September: EUROTOX2023 congress – selected to present “Human Biomonitoring – a view to the future based on current achievements”

Events in 2022

HBM4EU participation in conferences and workshops

HBM4EU events in 2022

  • 10 February: Granada 3rd Workshop HBM4EU Final WP13WP14 workshop (hybrid).
  • 25 February: Robert Barouki on ‘Bisphenols and alternatives’ pesticides too – m in relation to PARC – workshop to discuss the transfers of activities on the compounds that we are prioritised (bisphenols, pesticides, metals…) 
  • 30-31 March: Workshop Towards Policy Uptake of HBM4EU Results organised by VITO, University of Antwerp.
  • 6 April: HBM4EU Online Workshop “How to efficiently link chemical exposures with Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) to assist Risk Assessment?”
  • 28-29 April: Final HBM4EU Conference & Exhibition (hybrid), Thon Hotel EU, Brussels.
  • 2 May: HBM4EU PFAS workshop ‘Human biomonitoring  as a tool to address public health concerns in PFAS hotspots: investigation, communication and risk management’.
  • 2 June: Final Stakeholder Forum

Events in 2021

  • 27-28 January: EXPOSOME SYMPOSIUM (Mount Sinai, Utrecht, NIEHS, Brescia) – virtual. Dr Robert Barouki gave a talk about the legacy of HBM4EU and the PARC perspectives.
  • 24-25 March: Nordic HBM Workshop: “Nordic workshop for scientists and regulatory agencies discussing HBM4EU – The European Human Biomonitoring Initiative”, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 12 May: Royal Society of Chemistry Atomic Spectroscopy European Human Biomonitoring Project to Determine Occupational Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium, Speaker:  Dr Elizabeth Leese, Health and Safety Executive, Buxton.
  • 17 May – 16 June: A virtual poster exhibition, organised by EFSA and FDA: How is HBM4EU building trust-based relationships with citizens?
  • 22-26 May: European Congress of Endocrinology, Dr Marike Kolossa-Gehring.
  • 2-3 June: Green Week virtual conference and stand (Dr Robert Barouki presented on HBM4EU in the session Counting down to a cleaner future: monitoring the risks of hazardous chemicals’ and Joana Lobo Vicente on ‘Filling the knowledge gaps on exposure to pollution: a holistic approach with the Human Exposome Network’.
  • 7 June: “Exposure and Effects in the Context of the Exposome Paradigm” – Dr Greet Schoeters discussed the complexity of human environmental exposures and particularly the links between chemical exposures and socioeconomic status.
  • 10 June: 8th UK & Ireland Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science Meeting Biomonitoring exposure to chromates Speaker: Kate Jones (HSE Science and Research Centre).
  • 21-25 June: 17th edition of RECETOX Summer School with a special focus on Health, Social and Environmental Epidemiology. Among the speakers were Sofie Norager and Gary Miller from the HBM4EU Advisory Board. 
  • 16 July: WHO Workshop – Global Chemicals and Health Network Webinar on Human Biomonitoring in health decision-making: ’HBM4EU: Human Biomonitoring for Europe and for Germany’ by Dr Marike Kolossa-Gehring.
  • 16 July-6 August: Summer School 2021 – One Health EJPEnvironmental health: how are chemical exposure, human biomonitoring and climate change linked?’ by Joana Lobo Vicente and Susana Viegas.
  • 23-26 August: 33rd Annual Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology hosted by Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, New York, United States. Two posters – ‘The value of Human Biomonitoring to assess chemical exposure and support policies: perceptions of the European population’ and ‘Methylmercury Risk Assessment based on European Human Biomonitoring Data’.
  • 30 August – 2 September: Two presentations accepted to the ISES2021 conference (virtual)- Multisector Engagement for Addressing Emerging Environmental Exposures. Two presentations –  Human Exposure to cadmium and anemia: a systematic review and Human exposure to lead and anemia: results from a systematic review.
  • 8 September: Workshop on Human Biomonitoring: State of the Science– Two presentations by Dr Marike Kolossa-Gehring 1) Biomonitoring in Europe and 2) HBM4EUand one by Ovnair SepaiUK perspectives on Biomonitoring’.
  • 21-22 September: Third annual forum on endocrine disruptors, – Dr Marike Kolossa-Gehring: ‘HBM4EU’.  
  • 29 September: EuroTox 2021 Speaker: Mariana Fernandez, “Exposure to real-life PFAS mixtures present in several human matrices, assessed with ex vivo effect biomarkers”, in the session “Is there a human risk to PFAS exposure?”
  • 27-28 September: Virtual International Conference on Food Contaminants (ICFC2021): Challenges on early-life exposure (organised by INSA): ‘European Partnership for the Assessment of Risks from Chemicals’ by Christophe Rousselle and ‘Exposure of vulnerable populations to Mercury: the HBM in Spain’ by Marta Esteban López.
  • 28 September: Webinar on implementation of Minamata Convention in the Health Sector (WHO-Europe), Dr Andromachi Katsonouri submitted information on our work HBM4EU activities relevant to the WHO Technical expert. 
  • 6 October: European Reference Lab of Mycotoxins. Speaker: Paula Alvito ‘Mycotoxins and plant toxins’  
  • 31 October – 4 November: 4th PTIM2021 Edition 4th International Caparica Conference on Pollutant Toxic Ions and Molecules 2021. Mariana Fernandez presented “Prenatal co-exposure to neurotoxic metals and neurodevelopment in preschool children: The Environment and Childhood (INMA) Project”. 
  • 8-10 November: A virtual conferenceEurope Biobank Week 2021The session “Biobanking and Exposure Science” showcased results from HBM4EU. Speakers: Jan Koschorreck, Greet Schöters, Sanghwan Song, Martina Bartel-Steinbach. Keynote session onThe Role of Biobanks and Human Biomonitoring for Human Health – Its value for policymaking and its future perspective in Europe. Speaker: Dr. Marike Kolossa-Gehring 
  • 10-12 November: Presentations to the European Public Health (EPH) Conference (virtual)
    • Speakers: Hanna Elonheimo, Andromachi Katsonouri, Helle Raun Andersen ‘Environmental substances associated with Alzheimer’s Disease’
    • Joana Lobo Vicente, Susana Viegas and colleagues, presented at the “Climate change influence in the exposure to several risk factors: One Health approach as a solution?” (Joana’s presentation: “Climate Change and the effects on the environment and exposure to chemicals”)
  • 18 November: BfR Symposium on “Challenges in Public Health Protection in the 21st Century: New Methods, Omics and Novel Concepts in Toxicology” (organised by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and UFZ – Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research NAMs. Mirjam Luijten was present in an expert discussion on NAMs, and HBM4EU’s importance in policymaking. 
  • 29-30 November: International Exposome Conference 2021 online. “A human exposome approach on industrial contaminated sites and health concerns”. This conference is organised by TNO together with the Institute for Occupational Medicine and Cyprus University of Technology within an exposome capacity building project Exposogas. Keynote speaker: Dr Tony Fletcher (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).

HBM4EU Events 2021

  • 21 January: Chromate studies training webinar 
  • 24 March: Session 4: Dealing with data breaches (HBM4EU Data Protection awareness sessions)
  • 8 April: Aligned studies’ webinar on the availability of aggregated data for the aligned studies in the internal pages  
  • 28-29 April: PFAS workshop
  • 5 May: Session 5: Data subject rights and research (HBM4EU Data Protection awareness sessions) 
  • 17 July: Session 6: Transfer of personal data to a third country (HBM4EU Data Protection awareness sessions) 
  • 8 September: Session 7: Managing information security risks (HBM4EU Data Protection awareness sessions) 
  • 20-24 September: Annual HBM4EU week: 5th and final Consortium Meeting in Berlin and online. 
  • 6 October: Fluoros-PFAS meeting
  • 14-15 October: Chemical Mixtures: Lessons we are learning from HBM4EU
  • 17 November: Session 8: Privacy issues with Artificial Intelligence: going down the rabbit hole – (HBM4EU Data Protection awareness sessions) 
  • 23-24 November: HBM4EU Workshop on aligned studies (23-24 November 2021) 

Events in 2020

HBM4EU participation in conferences and workshops

  • 15 January: World Mycotoxin Forum, Bangkok, Thailand. Dr Paula Alvito presented HBM4EU results concerning ‘Toxicological assessment of process-related mycotoxins at a regulatory level’ during the Plenary Session. 
  • 21 January: Presentation at the National Council on Chemicals Management
  • 2 – 13 February: HBM4EU EFSA meeting, Parma (Italy). Greet Schoeters presented.
  • 21 February: Exposome Workshop in Milan, Italy.
  • 5-6 March: EXPOSOME conference, New York; Dr Marike Kolossa-Gehring presented ‘Biomonitoring, Mixtures, and the Exposome’. HBM4EU presentation is available here. 
  • 22 – 24 April: 10th-INCHES (10th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment), Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 3-7 May: SETAC Europe 30th Annual Meeting in Dublin, Ireland. Luděk Bláha presented in the session Novel Tools and Bioassays for the 21st Century Environmental Toxicology‘.
  • 11 June: Netherlands Society of Toxicology (NVT) Annual Meeting. Theme: ‘“The (r)evolution of toxicological models – how to address safety in target species”,  The Netherlands.
  • 23 – 27 August: ISEE Annual Conference, Washington DC, USA
  • 6 – 10 September: AIRMON, Bristol, UK.
  • 21-22 September: ISES Virtual 2020 Oakland. Virtual Symposium with 8 presentations by Esteban López M., Göen T., Nübler S., Mol H., Koch HM., Antignac JP., Vaccher V., Dvorakova D., Hajslova J and Castaño on the HBM4U QA/QC program: ensuring the comparability and promoting capacity building.
  • 2 October: HBMC2020 – Human Biomonitoring for science and chemical policy 2020
  • 12-16 October: The 16th World Congress of Public Health – virtual. HBM4EU presented two papers: Environmental substances associated with osteoporosis and Metabolic syndrome and endocrine disrupting chemicals: exposure and health effects
  • 4-5 November: EEA presented HBM4EU at the National Reference Centre (NRC) meeting on Environment and Health 
  • 17-18 December: 2nd EDC Forum (DG ENV). HBM4EU’s results on EDCs (phthalates, bisphenols)

HBM4EU Events 2020

  • 10th January: Stakeholder event on the evaluation of the sustainable use of pesticides Directive 2009/128/EC and impact assessment of its planned revision. Dr Helle Raun Andersen presented ‘A public health perspective‘.  
  • 12 – 13 February: HBM4EU EFSA meeting, Parma (Italy). Greet Schoeters presented.
  • 21 February: Exposome Workshop in Milan, 21st of February.
  • 27 February: Working Group on Aspects of Empowerment, Inclusiveness and Equity in Citizen Science, of ECSA (European City Science Association). (outcome from the ECSITE 2019 conference with EEA)
  • 11-15 May: 4th HBM4EU training school, 11th – 15th May. Innsbruck, Austria.
  • 28 September – 1 October: HBM4EU Annual week meeting in Berlin
  • 18 November: Portuguese National Hub – 3rd Workshop on Human Biomonitoring in Portugal
  • 10-11 December: 31st Edition on Eionet Network Spain

Events in 2019

HBM4EU participation in conferences and workshops

 HBM4EU Internal Events

  • 12 February: Stakeholder consultation organised by the Israeli National Hub
  • March: Israeli National Hub – Ministry of Health conference on Environmental Tobacco Smoke which will focus on HBM results and methods.
  • May: Focus group discussion on chemical safety with members of the public. Lisbon, Portugal
  • 19 – 21 June:-3rd HBM4EU Training Event, Brno, Czechia
  • 24 September: Focus group discussion on chemical safety with members of the public. Dublin, Ireland
  • 01 October: Focus group discussion on chemical safety with members of the public. London, UK
  • 9 October: 3rd Consortium Meeting
  • 10 October: 3rd Stakeholder Forum meeting
  • 10 October: 3rd Advisory Board meeting
  • 11 October: 3rd Governing Board meeting

Events in 2018

HBM4EU participation in conferences and workshops

HBM4EU partners are introducing our exciting project to a range of audiences at a broad range of scientific conferences and events focused on sound chemicals management and public health. Below is a list of events at which HBM4EU has been presented.

HBM4EU Events

Events in 2017

HBM4EU participation in conferences and workshops



The HBM4EU project was launched in 2016 with the aim of improving the collective understanding of human exposure to hazardous chemicals and developing HBM as an exposure assessment method. The project had €74m in funding and jointly implemented by 120 partners from 28 participating countries – 24 EU member states plus Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Israel and the European Environment Agency. One of its aims was to ensure the sustainability of HBM in the EU beyond 2021. The project ended in June 2022. The website will not be updated any longer, except the page on peer reviewed publications, but will be online until 2032.