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The Stakeholder Forum is the formal channel for stakeholder input to the HBM4EU project and was established in May 2017. The members of the Stakeholder Forum were selected by the HBM4EU Management Board and the EU Policy Board on the basis of criteria.

The Stakeholder Forum includes the following:

The Stakeholder Forum meets annually, back to back with the Governing Board. The first meeting was held on 5 September 2017. The minutes of the first meeting of the Stakeholder Forum are available here.

The Stakeholder Forum is invited to provide strategic input to key HBM4EU processes. HBM4EU engage actively with the Stakeholder Forum, through workshops and written requests for input.

In 2017, members of the Stakeholder Forum were invited to contribute to the prioritisation of substances for research and analysis under HBM4EU.

For more information on the prioritisation strategy and the role of stakeholders see here.