HBM4EU produces a range of results that are made available to a broad range of audiences both via this website, as well as through direct communication and via other dissemination channels.

In reporting our progress to the European Commission, we produce regular deliverables from across the project.

The HBM4EU partners will also communicate results by publishing articles in peer-review journals, following the publication policy.

In addition, we will produce targeted communication products tailored to meet the knowledge needs of specific audiences, including technical and non-technical reports, as well as policy briefs and research briefs.

All deliverables, articles and communication products will be accessible via our publications page.

HBM4EU publishes two newsletters a year, providing an insight into recent activities, showcasing outputs and featuring commentaries from key stakeholders. All the HBM4EU newsletters are available on the Newsletters page.

The HBM4EU online library has been active since December 2017, providing access to a range of technical guidance materials, as well as documents on research protocols and standard operating procedures.

The HBM4EU Training Programme page will continuously be updated.

In investigating current policy questions regarding chemicals, HBM4EU will identify, gather and collate existing human biomonitoring data, as well as addressing gaps in the evidence based by producing new data. Information on how data is used and produced under the project is available here.