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HBM4EU final conference – Science and Policy for a Healthy Future

The conference will bring together European stakeholders with the HBM4EU consortium creating a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, build synergies and advance on human biomonitoring in Europe as a tool for chemical policy making.

The overall theme of the 2022 conference is ‘Science and policy for a healthy future’ highlighting the important role HBM4EU plays in linking science and health, environment and chemicals policy to protect human health more effectively.

During the two-day conference, a wide range of topics will be addressed – from harmonisation of procedures and tools at EU level, to the first EU wide exposure data, the impact of exposure on health, to novel methods to identify human internal exposure to chemicals and the progress achieved in mixture risk assessment.

The focus will be laid on the transfer of scientific findings into policy recommendations as support for regulation and the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability.

As part of the programme, attendees will have the opportunity to visit a storytelling-style exhibition, giving an overview of the main achievements of the 5-year project. The key research findings on someof the 18 HBM4EU priority substances will be displayed, with a focus on the link between science and policy. Attendees will be
invited to interact with a European map presenting graphs and figures – showcasing the HBM4EU indicators and key policy messages. Screens will feature interviews with top-notch scientists, the HBM4EU’s chemical group leaders, as well as the European Human Biomonitoring Dashboard.


Conference Secretariat

Dr. Alexandra Polcher

HBM4EU Event Organisation

+49 (89) 978970128



Philipp Weise

+49 (30) 8903 1222



German Environment Agency

Wörlitzer Platz 1

06844 Dessau-Roßlau