HBM European Network

Does your laboratory have experience in human biomonitoring?

Within HBM4EU, WP9 – Laboratory analysis and quality assurance – a HBM laboratory network was set up and now, we would like to consolidate and expand this network as a legacy of HBMEU.

The European Network of HBM Laboratories is made up of 166 laboratories (45% of them qualified HBM4EU laboratories) and two levels: a first one including those laboratories qualified in HBM4EU after participating in the Quality assurance/Quality control (QA/QC) programme, and a second one with laboratories not qualified, or outside HBM4EU, but with experience in analysis of Human Biomonitoring samples.

Laboratories are classified into two categories, differentiated by the icons that identify their location:

  • Orange icons = Qualified laboratories in HBM4EU for the biomarkers indicated
  • Blue icons = Laboratories not-qualified in HBM4EU but with experience in HBM analysis

For futher questions, you can contact us at hbm4eu@isciii.es.