The library is searchable and provide rapid access to guidance, methods, protocols and research outputs. This include both protocols developed under the HBM4EU, and other relevant, publicly available guidance and materials.

By including existing materials from across our broad range of partners, we expect to bring together a rich array of existing materials. This include training materials produced for capacity building under the HBM4EU.

Our goal is to build a European HBM library to serve as a repository that can be widely used by scientists and policy makers involved in public health and occupational health and safety.

The online library include:

HBM4EU Library
   Research results
Prioritisation strategy and criteria
Jean-Nicolas ORMSBY (ANSES), Christophe ROUSSELLE (ANSES), Pierre LECOQ (ANSES), Eva OUGIER (ANSES), Catherine GANZLEBEN (EEA) 11-12-2017 15:18 Download