Database on existing HBM surveys (accdb-format)

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Last Updated: 19-09-2018 10:18


This database in .accdb-format includes the data drawn from the questionnaire on existing HBM surveys sent to the National Hub Contact Points for completion.
Its contents is further elaborated on the file ’Report on ongoing activities and existing data and data gaps for the 1st prioritised substances including a list of metadata that can be uploaded in IPCheM’.

Task 7.1 partners: NIJZ (Ivan Erzen), HSE (Maurice Mulcahy), THL (Hannu Kiviranta and Hanna Tolonen), FIOH (Tapani Tuomi, Tiina Santonen, Milla Heinälä, Jouni Mikkola and Simo Porras), UoA (Klea Katsouyanni and Evangelia Samoli), DEP (Francesco Forastiere and Carla Ancona), DPH (Ivo Iavicoli and Maurizio Manno), ISS (Alessandro Alimonti, Annalisa Abballe and Flavia Ruggieri), UKF (Ida Petrovicova, Branislav Kolena and Miroslava Šidlovská), CGLs, NHC (Ovnair Sepai) and NHCP. Institutions from other Tasks and WP, mainly from WP 7 and WP 10.