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Discover the latest HBM4EU research update

Named 'Priority Substances and Cancer', our latest research brief provides an overview of HBM4EU priority substances and their carcinogenic properties.

Human biomonitoring (HBM) can play a key role in assessing the real-life exposure to carcinogenic chemicals and ultimately in the calculation of increased cancer risk. This application is at the heart of the HBM4EU prioritization strategy and supports EU policies aimed at cancer prevention, such as the Beating Cancer Plan.

“Cancer impacts the lives of millions of Europeans, with well over 3 million new patients diagnosed each year, almost 2 million deaths, and severe consequences for the economy and health systems of EU countries (3,4). About 23 % of cancer cases globally happen in Europe, although it is home to only 9 % of the world’s population (5). In Europe, cancer is the most frequent form of non-communicable disease and the second most common cause of death”

Download the full brief here.