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Last Updated: 28-11-2018 13:53


HBM4EU has established Chemical Working Groups during the proposal phase for the nine prioritized substance groups that HBM4EU will work on in 2017 and 2018. Additional substance groups will be identified by late 2018 through the implementation of a refined prioritization strategy. For each substance group, scoping documents were produced under Workpackage 4.4 of HBM4EU. The scoping documents contain a review of the available evidence, list policy-related questions, and identify knowledge gaps and propose research activities. Proposed activities will be fed into the framework of work packages and tasks of HBM4EU in a coordinated manner, and will constitute the basis for the annual work plans. The scoping documents are the linkage between policy questions and the research to be undertaken (broken down for single substances) in order to answer those questions. This methodology will optimize work on the different substances, avoid redundancies, ensure coordination and facilitate the calculation of budgets for each WP. The scoping documents do not contain a comprehensive literature review per substance group but are intended to provide information for the WP leaders who will draft the Annual Work Plans.