A06_Time trends in Phthalates & DINCH from 2000-2017

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Last Updated: 16-11-2018 11:33


In this research protocol we describe how we plan to analyse time trends in phthalates & DINCH in the European region from 2000 to 2017. Our research objective is to investigate whether exposures to category A and category B phthalates, and DINCH have decreased after the start of a series of regulations in 2006 and whether there are different time trends for regulated and unregulated phthalates. We selected studies which had a cross-sectional design, a homogeneous sample and can provide individual data from young adults. Data from the identified studies, the Danish Young Men Study (DYMS) and the Environmental Specimen Bank (ESB), will be pooled, analysed with regression models and inspected with robustness checks. Variables and biomarkers have been harmonised and included into the codebook developed by WP10. Once the sharing of data and last data protection checks are finalised we can start to transfer the data and run the analyses. Based on this protocol, a publication will be developed.