The needs and demands for funding of research projects are increasing at local, regional, national and global scale. The development of a research program entails various core moments wherein financial support assumes an important role.

Although securing support has always been a constant concern in the scientific realm as long-term research progress is heavily dependent upon grant mechanisms to assure projects’ sustainability over time, the resources, whether public or private, are almost always limited and must be sought after. Furthermore, different countries have distinct funding cultures that can suit specific project goals. In this context, it is important to consider where to submit the project while preparing the proposal since the decision will affect the type of writing given the distinct nature and scope of each funding source.

The submenus here provide the identified funding opportunities and resources at the European and global as well as at the national/regional levels, which are described in detail. For each funding scheme, there is provided a brief description and relevant information aligned with human biomonitoring and the HBM4EU objectives, considering the main aim of this task of assuring further support for the Initiative.