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Laboratoire National de Santé de Luxembourg (Luxembourg National Health Laboratory) is a public institution created by the law of 7 August 2012 and operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Health in Luxembourg. It is organized in a multidisciplinary institute, which along with an administrative department, includes six scientific departments related to the fields of morphological and molecular pathology, genetics, medical biology, microbiology, medicine forensics and health protection.

The purpose of the LNS is to develop analytical and scientific expertise related to the prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of human diseases; to ensure the role of a national control or reference laboratory and to carry out medico-legal tasks. The institution also contributes to the development, harmonization and promotion of technical laboratory methods in collaboration with analytical laboratories in France and abroad. Within the scope of its responsibilities, the LNS also develops research and teaching activities in collaboration with ad hoc partners in Luxembourg and abroad.

The LNS has new premises in Dudelange whose modern infrastructure is in line with the demands related to recent developments in medical and analytical sciences.

The Department of the Health Protection laboratories includes two services and one common analytical platform: the Service for Environmental Health and Biomonitoring (EHB) and the Service for Food Control (SFC). They include 12 National Reference Laboratories for chemical analysis, microbiological analysis and Genetically Modified Organisms.

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