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The National Hub of the HBM4EU project in the Czech Republic (CR) consists of the partners with the long-term experience in the area of environment and health. The RECETOX Centre of Masaryk University (MU) coordinating the National Hub has been focused on environmental and human health impacts of toxic chemicals for more than three decades, running international environmental monitoring networks (MONET) as well as birth cohort studies (CELSPAC).

Charles University has been since 1994 – together with the National Institute of Public Health – responsible for national human biomonitoring programme in the CR. Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Czech Academy of Sciences has implemented multiple projects addressing health impacts of atmospheric pollution. International Clinical Research Centre (ICRC) of the St. Anne’s University Hospital runs the Kardiovize cohort focused on development of cardiovascular diseases. Biological tissues from the biomonitoring programmes and human cohorts are being analysed in excellent analytical capacities of the accredited laboratories of the Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition of University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, as well as the accredited laboratories of the RECETOX Centre of MU.

Charles University collaborates with the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague on assessment of toxic effects of emerging chemicals. New analytical and toxicological approaches to toxic mixtures of legacy and emerging chemicals are being developed in the RECETOX Centre of MU as well as at University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. National Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic provides a link to the health surveys.

The National Hub closely collaborates with the National Centre (NC) for Toxic Compounds of the CR, a joint activity of the Czech Ministry of Environment and MU. The NC Board consisting of representatives of all relevant ministries as well as non-government organisations acts as a science-to-policy board of the HBM4EU project in the Czech Republic. Capacities of the Regional Centre of the Stockholm Convention for Capacity Building and Technology Transfer in Central and Eastern Europe, hosted by RECETOX, will be used in the future for dissemination and exploitation of the project results.