HBM4EU partners in Belgium

HBM4EU linked third parties in Belgium

In Belgium both a national and a Flemish hub were established. The Flemish hub brings in the past, ongoing and future HBM activities of the Flemish Policy Research Center for Environment and Health (Flemish HBM campaign, data, knowledge etc.). The national hub bundles the HBM activities on a Belgian level (e.g. nation-wide HBM campaign like Democophes). In this framework, the national and the Flemish hub are represented by the same national representatives on EU level. Exchange of knowledge is ensured by participation of the Flemish PO, PM and LTPs in the NEHAP HBM working group.

Belgium has a long lasting cooperation in the field of Environment & Health. All Belgian Ministers of Environment and Health (federal, communal and regional) assemble in the JICEH, the Joint Interministerial Conference Environment and Health. Representatives of the Ministers’ administrations are assembled in the National Cell Health-Environment, which is the executive body for the day to day activities. This structure allows to conduct joint studies and projects concerning health and environment, but also to exchange experiences. Belgium has set up its National Environment-Health Action Plan (NEHAP) in 2003 and will launch a third version of the plan in 2018.
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