Argelia Castaño – Institute of Health Carlos III (ISCIII), Spain

HBM platform conclusions: achievements and sustainability – 27 April – 5:05 pm CEST

Future paths for the continuation of HBM in Europe – 28 April – 9:10 am CET

ARGELIA CASTAÑO is a Research Professor and Director of the National Center for Environmental Health, in Instituto Salud Carlos III, Spain. She developed the Spanish National Program of Human Biomonitoring financed by the Spanish Ministry of Environment and recently, is responsible for the working group for development of the HBM Spanish Interministerial Commission, under the Ministry of Health.   Leader of Pillar 2 in the HBM4EU initiative: HBM structure and responsible for the Spanish National Hub. As scientific expert, she contributed to the EU Environment and Health Action Plan 2004-2010, in which one of the priorities was the development of a European HBM program.  Within the EU COPHES project she pioneered the harmonization of biomarker measurements for HBM at European level. Prof Castaño has a PhD in ecotoxicology and 40 years of experience in environmental toxicology.