Policy briefs and reports

In 2019, a series of policy briefs were developed for the 1st list of HBM4EU priority substances. These are based primarily on the scoping documents and the reports on results produced under HBM4EU on each HBM4EU priority substance. The policy briefs are timed to target specific policy processes at the European level and within Member States, including REACH and relevant sectorial policies.

The policy briefs cover areas such as toxicity, exposure, and policy status. In addition, a policy relevant synthesis of the overall results derived from the project activities is delivered at the end of the project. The HBM4EU partners will work with the EU Policy Board to ensure that evidence can be brought into decision-making processes in a timely fashion. In some case, policy briefs may be confidential and shared with a limited group of risk assessors and/or policy makers.

The results from our 1st list of priority substances has been available since 2019, and the 2nd list from 2020. In 2021, we will produce final end-of-project policy briefs for all of the 18 HBM4EU priority substances that will build on what is already available and capture any updates in legislation and further relevant research results.