Survey to identify priorities for the Partnership for the Risk Assessment of Chemicals (PARC)

Step 1 of 7 - Introduction

  • Aim of this survey

    This survey is carried out in the context of discussions on a future European Partnership on the Assessment of the Risks of Chemicals (PARC), proposed under the European Commission's framework programme Horizon Europe.

    Based on your experience of working in risk assessment and/or risk management, we ask that you identify your needs for new knowledge, methods and tools to support your work.

    The aim of this survey is to gather your priorities for activities to be carried out under the PARC.

    The deadline for completion of the survey is 18 September 2020.

  • What is the PARC?

    The PARC is a European Partnership proposed under the European Commission's framework programme Horizon Europe and focused on chemical risk assessment. If agreed, the Partnership would launch in January 2022 and run for seven years.

    You can view the concept note describing the draft proposal for a European Partnership under Horizon Europe Partnership for the Assessment of Risk from Chemicals (PARC) at this webpage:

    The general objective of the PARC is to consolidate and strengthen the EU's research and innovation capacity for chemical risk assessment to protect human health and the environment and contribute to a non-toxic environment and a circular economy.

    The PARC initiative covers the entire cycle of chemical risk assessment, including biomonitoring and (eco)toxicology. The Partnership will focus on addressing knowledge gaps for evidence-based chemical risk assessment, where research and innovation activities bring added value by responding directly to the needs of risk assessors and risk managers. It will also drive innovation in risk assessment to be able to tackle currently emerging and future challenges.

    The Partnership will establish an EU-wide research and innovation risk assessment hub of excellence to support EU and national authorities involved in chemical risk assessment and risk management authorities and processes with new data, knowledge, innovative methods and skills to address current, emerging and novel chemical safety challenges and enable the transition to the next generation risk assessment.

  • Structure of the survey

    The survey has six sections with 2-5 questions per section. The sections focus on:

    1. Overall knowledge needs

    2. Monitoring and exposure

    3. Hazard assessment

    4. Innovation in regulatory risk assessment

    5. Concepts and toolboxes

    6. Any other priorities

    We ask that you keep your input concise and targeted.

  • Who should complete the survey?

    We are asking organisations working at national and international level on the risk assessment and management of chemicals to complete this survey.

    Stakeholders from NGOs, industry, trade unions and health organisations, as well as research institutions and academia with an interest in chemical risk assessment and management are also welcome to complete the survey.

  • Data use and privacy policy

    The survey is conducted by the European Environment Agency and the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES).

    We are gathering your input to support the development of the PARC.

    We ask for some personal details, including your name and email, so that we might contact you in follow up to the survey. We may wish to clarify your input to the survey.

    We ask for details of the organisation that you represent so that we can understand the priorities of different actors. In the interest of transparency, details of the priorities put forward by individual organisations will be made public on the future website of the PARC. Personal information, including names and email addresses will not be made public.

    Your details may be shared with other members of the PARC Country Board involved in managing the prioritisation process for the PARC during the period from June 2020 to May 2021. Data will not be shared with any other parties and will not be used for commercial purposes.

    Personal data in terms of names and email addresses delivered under this survey will be deleted in June 2021.

    If you do not agree with the collection, storage and sharing of your data as outline above, please do not complete the survey.

  • Practical details

    The deadline for the submission of the completed survey is 18 September 2020.

    You can partly complete the survey, save your input and then return to the survey multiple times to finalise your input and submit.

    To ensure that your input is saved, please only navigate using the survey buttons at the bottom of the page, not using the browser navigation buttons at the top left hand of your screen.

    Where questions are not relevant to your nomination or where you cannot answer them, please leave them blank.

    Should you have questions concerning this survey, please contact: and

  • How will we use your input?

    Your input is critical to the development of the PARC and we are very grateful for your valuable time and energy.

    We will collect your input, consolidate input from across all survey participants and provide it to PARC Country Board and EU Board.

    The Country Board and EU Board will use the outcomes of this survey when developing the first 3-year strategic plan for the PARC.

    In the interest of transparency, survey results will be made publicly available on the future website of the PARC.

  • Thank you very much!