The library is searchable and provides rapid access to guidance, methods, protocols and research outputs. This includes both protocols developed under the HBM4EU, and other relevant, publicly available guidance and materials.

By including existing materials from across our broad range of partners, we expect to bring together a rich array of existing materials. This includes training materials produced for capacity building under the HBM4EU.

Our goal is to build a European HBM library to serve as a repository that can be widely used by scientists and policy makers involved in public health and occupational health and safety.

The online library includes:

HBM4EU Library
   1st HBM4EU Training School June 2018
     A03 HBM in occupational health: applications to chromium
A03_Air sampling for chromium study
148 downloads Radu Duca 22-06-2018 16:28 Download
107 downloads NDAW Sophie, Guillaume ANTOINE, Mathieu MELCZER 21-06-2018 13:27 Download
A03_Implementation of informed consent and questionnaire on gathering contextual data
119 downloads Tiina Santonen, Sanni Uuksulainen and Simo Porras 21-06-2018 8:22 Download
A03_HBM in occupational health
127 downloads Tiina Santonen 21-06-2018 8:19 Download
A03_Collection and treatment of blood samples, effect markers
160 downloads Maria João Silva, Célia Ventura, Henriqueta Louro (INSA), Radu Corneliu Duca (KU Leuven); Karen Galea (IOM); Ogier Hanser (INRS); Tiina Santonen, Mirja Kiilunen and Hannu Norppa (FIOH); Flavia Ruggieri, Alimonti Alessandro (ISS) 21-06-2018 7:52 Download
104 downloads NDAW Sophie, Tiina Santonen, Radu Corneliu Duca, Alain Robert, Ogier Hanser, Simo Porras, Karen Galea, Kate Jones, Lode Godderis, Susana Viegas, Thomas Göen, Paul Scheepers, Bernice Schaddelee, Anjoeka Pronk, Thorhallur Halldorsson, Ivo Iavicoli, Mounia El Yamani, Nadine Fréry 20-06-2018 12:36 Download
134 downloads Karen Galea and John Cherrie (IOM). Contributions from Mirja Kiilunen and Tiina Santonen (FIOH), Kate Jones and Darren Musgrove (HSL) and Ogier Hansen (INRS) 13-06-2018 8:47 Download
143 downloads Liz Leese 12-06-2018 7:54 Download