Matrix-specific questionnaires to accompany the sampling of urine and blood (1st round priority substances)

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Last Updated: 29-01-2019 15:14


The HBM4EU matrix-specific questionnaires have been designed to collect a select amount of information concerning individual characteristics of the participants and on different sources and routes of exposure to the 1st-priority substances selected for study (Phthalates/DINCH, Bisphenols, Per-/Polyfluorinated compounds, Flame Retardants, Cd, Cr, PAHs and Aniline family: MOCA), with the aim to characterise as well as possible the level of exposure to these substances (where considered relevant) directly prior (past 24 or 48 hours) to the sampling. As urine and blood are currently the most likely matrices to be analysed, questionnaires have been prepared accordingly. It might be necessary to adapt some wording and use specific questions in the urine questionnaire depending on the type of urine envisioned to be sampled (e.g. morning urine, spot urine, etc.). The questions are justified and elaborated on in the Interviewer Manual for the matrix-specific questionnaires which is why this document is closely connected to this basic questionnaire. This document is also included as an annex in HBM4EU Deliverable D7.3.