HBM4EU occupational biomonitoring study on diisocyanates: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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Last Updated: 08-03-2021 15:08


In the HBM4EU diisocyanate occupational exposure study (Santonen et al., 2020) exposed workers and controls from companies using diisocyanate-based products in the manufacturing and repair of large vehicles (non-booth spraying), in construction sector in e.g. insulation and flooring activities and in various sectors in the use of diisocyanate based hot-melt glues will be recruited from five countries, namely: Belgium, Finland, France, The Netherlands and United Kingdom (UK). In order to achieve comparable data in a harmonised way, the enclosed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been prepared. Every participating country is obliged to, as far as is reasonable possible, follow these procedures. The SOPs for the selection of participants and recruitment, information to the participants, informed consent (annex 1), completion of questionnaires (annex 2) and instructions for blood, urine, dermal, air, exhaled nitric oxide and buccal cells sampling (annexes 3-8), procedure for comparing occupational hygiene measurements with exposure estimates generated using REACH models (annex 9), and communication plan (annex 10), are annexed.