HBM4EU ICI report Acrylamide in urine round 3

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Last Updated: 19-10-2020 15:57


Within the framework of the HBM4EU project, an interlaboratory comparison was organized and conducted for the analysis of acrylamides (AM) in urine.
Acrylamides correspond to two biomarkers: N-Acetyl-S-(2-carbamoyl-ethyl)cysteine (AAMA) and NAcetyl-S-(2-carbamoyl-2-hydroxyethyl)cysteine (GAMA).
The study was performed from May to June 2020 and was conducted to assess the comparability and reliability of analytical methods across the participating expert laboratories.
The HBM4EU QAU had selected five expert laboratories for AM in urine. The expert laboratories were from three different countries in Europe.
The participation in this interlaboratory comparison for AM in urine was mandatory for these laboratories.
In March 2020, two different test samples consisting of 2 mL urine spiked with acrylamides at two different concentrations (R3A, R3B) were prepared and sent to the participating expert laboratories for single analysis.
Homogeneity and stability assessment of the control materials confirmed that the materials were adequately homogeneous and stable.
Consensus values were calculated by averaging the values obtained by the expert labs when the relative uncertainty of the mean was within 17.5%.
In order to express the proficiency of the laboratories in a numerical way, Z-scores were calculated using the consensus value and a fixed fit-for-purpose relative target standard deviation (FFP-RSDR) of 25%.
All expert laboratories obtained satisfactory Z-scores for both levels of each of the AM biomarkers.
The final evaluation of the comparability of the respective expert laboratories can, however, only take place upon completion of all interlaboratory comparison rounds.