A13_Derivation of a HBM guidance value for the general population for BBzP

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Last Updated: 19-06-2019 7:56


In HBM4EU, Task 5.2 human biomonitoring guidance values are derived as tool for a health-related risk assessment of human body burden with chemicals. Benzyl Butyl phthalate is highly regulated, but is still found in a high frequency of samples in human biomonitoring studies. Therefore, there is a need to evaluate if the population is at risk. HBM-GVs can be easily used as screening tool that can give an indication for the necessity of risk management, but should be used with reasonable care at the individual level. The derivation of a HBM-GV for BBzP for the general population is based on a TDI derived by EFSA in 2005. The HBM-GV for adults is 15 mg/L and for children 10 mg/L. The global level of confidence for the values is medium.