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Insights from HBM4EU-Mom

Can human biomonitoring, combined with fish consumption advice to pregnant women, help control prenatal exposure to mercury?

As part of the on-going preparations for the second segment of the Minamata Convention on Mercury which will be held in Bali at the end of the month, HBM4EU has put together a panel of experts dedicated to the HBM-Mom study which focuses on reducing prenatal exposure to mercury via dietary advice for pregnant women in 5 European coastal countries.

List of speakers:

Dr. Andromachi Katsonouri, Ministry of Health, Cyprus
Dr. Spyros Karakitsios, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Dr. Catherine Gabriel, (HBM4EU-MOM in Greece)
Dr Marta Esteban López, (HBM4EU-MOM in Spain)
Dr Þórhallur Ingi Halldórsson, (HBM4EU-MOM in Iceland)
Dr Sónia Namorado, (HBM4EU-MOM in Portugal)
Prof Denis Sarigiannis, Panelist
Argelia Castaño Calvo, Panelist

Register via this link to learn more about the study and join us on Wednesday, 9th of March from 15:3016:30.