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HBM4EU Internal Webpages is an internal project platform for internal communication, hosting helpdesks and sharing documents.

In order to request a login to HBM4EU Internal Webpages, please fill in the form below. Access rights are provided to individuals who are working at HBM4EU partner or LTP institutions and who are actively working on HBM4EU.

For the purpose of project management and coordination and in order to provide you access rights to the internal webpages, we need to receive and keep your personal details that you or your organisation have provided in relation with your role in the project. These include details such as your name, last name, email address and phone number and are only accessible for the internal HBM4EU users.

If you wish to verify, modify or delete any of your personal data, you should address your request in writing by email to Please read the Privacy Statement for a more detailed description.