How will HBM4EU initiative work with human biomonitoring?

HBM4EU will use Human Biomonitoring to assess human exposure to chemicals in Europe, to better understand the associated health impacts and to improve chemical risk assessment.

Despite the existence of human biomonitoring programmes at national level and the large number of research and development projects ongoing both at national and European Union level, there is a clear lack of data on aggregate exposure to single substances and to combinations of chemical substances, as well as insufficient evidence-based knowledge on the link between external exposure via different routes, internal levels and human health. This knowledge is essential to inform effective policy-making to protect the European population from the impacts of chemical exposure on health.

HBM4EU will form a bridge between science and policy. Our research will explore current questions in chemical risk assessment and management and will deliver answers that help policy makers to protect human health. Policy makers, stakeholders and scientists will together shape the strategic direction of HBM4EU activities. This transparent and collaborative approach will ensure that our research generates knowledge that addresses genuine societal concerns.

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