HBM4EU partners in Norway

HBM4EU linked third parties in Norway

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is a governmental institution placed directly under the Ministry of Health and Care Services (PO). The institute is a national centre in the areas of epidemiology, mental health, infectious diseases control, environmental medicine and drug abuse.  The NIPH is PM in HBM4EU and the National Hub Contact Point in Norway.

NIPH will be involved in all pillars of HBM4EU and will act as an advisor and co-worker for the handling, evaluation and interpretation of all biomonitoring data. In addition, NIPH foresees to be contributing to the chemical analyses to be undertaken in the course of the project, and furthermore, with samples and data from the Norwegian Environmental Biobank. NIPH will also contribute with toxicological expertise covering toxico-kinetics, adverse outcomes, mode of action, adverse outcome pathways and biomarker of effects development. NIPH’s toxicology-, analyses- and nutrition experts have longstanding experience with all aspects of biomonitoring; from planning and implementing studies to clinical investigations, data handling, statistics and writing up and communicating results.

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